The Church Goals program began in 2005 when we helped the first church turn around and start growing in Woodland, CA.

Since 2005, hundreds of churches have benefited from the Church Goals program.


Our mission is to revitalize and help grow the Church so it becomes the center of the community as it once was and how God intended it to be. ChurchGoals.org accomplishes its mission with educational materials, classroom training and coaching through its ministry called Church Goals. The Church Goals ministry is offered online and through Christian Churches across the USA and abroad.

The Team

  • Jud Boies – Executive Director/Pastor
  • Eric Bergen – Facilitator Training/Pastor
  • Caroline Sekercan – Online Services/IT
  • Jordan Osterberg – Programming
  • Jordan McQueen – Video Production
  • Kelly Boies – Program Editing
  • Dave Eaton – Product Design
  • Ingrid Brenson – Accounting