"87% of churches are stagnant or declining" ...it's time to turn that around.
Ray Johnston

Church Goals— reaching WHAT GOD WANTS FOR HIS CHURCH using surprisingly uncomplicated methods.

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What is Church Goals and the Church Playbook?

Church Goals and The Church Playbook were created to help average leaders become extraordinary... extraordinary preachers and teachers, extraordinary leaders of their volunteers and staff, and extraordinary managers of everything God has entrusted us with to accomplish His mission – to go and make disciples.

Church Goals

Church Goals is the foundation to the program. It’s a six-week course that builds the groundwork for extraordinary leadership and church growth. It’s simple yet robust. It’s easy yet effective. It works… no matter how big or how small your church or parachurch organization.

  • The Church Goals class is an advanced leadership class. It utilizes three simple yet profound concepts – establishing goals that everyone understands and supports; putting the right people (staff and volunteers) into the right position to accomplish the goals and most important – a daily process that encourages people to work on the most important thing to reach their goals.
  • Every participant has a facilitator to talk with, one-on-one, to collaborate, discuss and deploy concepts learned in the class.
  • The Church Goals class is one hour a week for 6 weeks online via video conference
  • The Church Goals class is no cost. The class includes all class materials (electronic and hard copies are available) and a scheduled weekly meeting time with your Facilitator. Churches are encouraged to have key leaders and staff in your church attend the weekly Church Goals classes. All classes are recorded and available to attendees shortly after each class

Jeremy Oldenburger

Lead Pastor

Shelter Cove Church

Modesto, CA

The Church Goals Class

Session One

  • Program overview
  • Building momentum
  • Healthy team contributors
  • Making big decisions

Session Two

  • The Overarching Goal
  • Goal contributors
  • Unfiying the team
  • Creating vs. using momentum

Session Three

  • The dream job
  • The perfect coach
  • 5 essential team components
  • Focusing on strengths

Session Four

  • Culture and values
  • Health vs. growth
  • The "Yellow Card"
  • Key hiring decisions

Session Five

  • The Secret Sauce - Part 1
  • Above the line growth
  • Below the line fulfillment
  • The Goals App

Session Six

  • The Secret Sauce - Part 2
  • Staff and volunteer meetings
  • Building an encouraging team
  • Fulfilling God's calling

Church Playbook

The Church Playbook is an ongoing collaborative available to those who complete the Church Goals class. Church leaders become part of The Playbook where they have access to extensive tools, resources, peers and mentors to help stay encouraged, equipped and supported as they strive to accomplish their mission.

Topics Covered in The Playbook...

Spiritual Growth




And more...

Leadership Development

Creating Culture

Core Values

Church Governance

And more...



High Impact Weekend Services

Church Goals

And more...




Creating Waves of People

And more...

Monthly Webinar— This is a follow-on to the Church Goals class. It helps churches remain on track to reach the vision God has for your church. Each month we hold a 60-90 minute webinar that dives deep into 18 categories of church management centered around Outreach, Spiritual Growth and Leadership Development. Each class is led by an expert in that month’s topic.

The App— Churches utilize the full-version of the Business Goals app (for up to 20 users) to help manage and stay on track to reach their goals and the vision God gave them.
iPhone / iPad App
macOS App
Android App

Facilitator— The facilitator's roll continues with a once-a-month, one-on-one meeting (phone or video conference) to continue the process and foundation learned in the class.

Resource Library— Playbook members have access to the Thrive/Playbook resource library containing recordings of the classes they attended, instructional videos and past monthly webinars.

Conference Roundtables— The Church Playbook also includes a half-day roundtable with Thrive and Bayside’s senior leaders at one of the annual Thrive Leadership Conferences. This is only open to Playbook subscribers and also includes two All-Access passes to the entire Thrive Conference.

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The Core of the Classes

If we were to ask everyone on your team what the goal for your church was for the next year, would they all say exactly the same thing? Would it be as short and concise as “Win the Super Bowl” if you were an NFL Team?

An Overarching Goal

We walk you through a process of putting in place a goal that everyone on your team and your congregation can easily repeat, and more importantly – help you reach. We’ll show you how to gain support and build momentum as you develop goals or apply to goals you already have in place.

Unified Team

The right answer to anything is the right person. God gave each of us gifts and talents to use to His glory. We’ll show you three simple yet effective tools for assuring you have the right people with the right gifts in place to help you reach your goals.

Energized Activity

People get energized when they are using the gifts and talents God gave them to accomplish something significant for His Kingdom. Our secret sauce is a two-step process that ensures people are cared for and know exactly what they need to accomplish – every day.

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The Tools to Succeed


One of the keys to the success of our program is our Facilitators. Our Facilitators have also been called coaches, mentors, collaborators or trusted advisors. Every class participant is teamed up with a Facilitator who connects with them one-on-one, each week, to discuss the previous class and implementation strategies specific to your organization. Sometimes just having that trusted advisor who can walk beside you is all it takes to accomplish extraordinary achievements.

The App

The Church Goals program is simple. You can keep track of your goals, your people and daily activity of everyone on the back of a napkin – and it will work. But we’ve been asked to come up with something a little more formal than napkins... so we developed the app. You can see your entire team, what they are working on and the overarching goal it’s connected to all in one place – the Business Goals app.

Resource Library

All Church Goals classes are recorded and are available to class participants after each class. They are also stored in our resource library, along with all Monthly Webinar recordings and other videos for Playbook members to refer to or show other members of his/her team.


Playbook members are invited to participate in private roundtable meetings during our Thrive Conferences. These collaboratives are usually half-day meetings with multiple speakers and great Q & A sessions. Topics focus on best practices, effective methods and open discussions relating to current issues (like Coronavirus).

The Monthly Webinar

Each month, we take a deep dive into the most important contributors to a healthy, vibrant church. Topics like:
Emergency Response Team for Covid-19How, what and why
CultureWhy setting culture is at the root of church success
GenerosityCreating a culture of generosity
VolunteersHow to recruit, train and encourage volunteers
Developing a Culture of DiversityMaking your church look more like heaven
Using the AppFoster high impact achievement not micromanagement
Personal Spiritual Development and PrayerRemaining close to God is paramount
World Class Teaching and PreachingKey components the best communicators use
Growth Track - Connecting and keeping your people
Budgets - Developing and managing your budgets to your board’s delight
Small GroupsMaximizing Kingdom impact with Small Groups
Open Q and AWith Bayside Senior Pastors
Webinars are held on the second Thursday of every month at noon (PST) and are exclusively for Playbook members only.

Business Goals

Business Goals is a ministry for churches to launch on their campuses for the business owners, business leaders and managers in their church. The Business Goals program was created to help average business managers and leaders become extraordinary…extraordinary at delivering the top five things their customers, vendors, employees and even they want. It is substantially similar to the Church Goals program but is designed for people in your church and your community. Business Goals follows the same 6-week class structure as Church Goals and is facilitated by a Business Goals trained Facilitator. People in your church can become facilitators after attending a Business Goals 6-week class and the Facilitator’s training class.

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Church Goals and The Church Playbook is a ministry of Thrive and Bayside Church. It was birthed by the leadership team of Bayside Church/Thrive and the Business Goals program to help churches that needed encouragement, direction and help with leadership development.

Our goal is to help strengthen churches to become healthy and effective. We’ve incorporated best practices and effective methods from churches around the world and coupled them with a proven management system (that’s just jargon for putting good ideas into practice).

Church Goals and The Church Playbook content is delivered by leaders and experts who are considered among the best at what they do.

We are founded and grounded in The Word and seek to glorify our Lord in all that we do.

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